Mental Health Resources

Here are some useful links for self help and education resources.

If you have any suggestions for additions, get in touch via the comments form below, or via @psychiatrySHO on Twitter.


The Samaritans, as ever, offer amazing 24/7 support for people in crisis.

Maytree is a “sanctuary for the suicidal” offering a safe and free place to stay for people going through crisis. They’re based in London.

Self Help is a huge collection of resources on both specific mental health probelms and ways to fix them, including mindfulness, CBT and schema therapy.

Moodgym is an interactive CBT and IPT resource; you’ll need to sign up to get an account, but it’s free.

Headspace is an awesomely cool, initially free (and later cheap) resource which teaches you mindfulness over a series of short sessions. They also have an app.

Free Mindfullness offers a range of mindfullness exercises.

Cambridge University Counselling Service‘s website has lists of self-help leaflets, websites and books.

Mental Health First Aid host a far more comprehensive collection of links to helpful pages than I do!

A range of self-help leaflets from NHS Northumberland, Tyne and Wear.

A series of informative, cognitive-therapy based documents on all kinds of mental health problems from the Centre for Clinical Interventions.


BluePages provides information on treatments for depression based on the latest scientific evidence, accessible to the layman.

A collection of resources on a range of mental health problems from Glasgow SPCMH.

The Mental Elf publishes blog about recent mental health research – expressed in terms understandable by the layman!

Choice and Medication, a website offering an extensive collecion of drug information leaflets.

Mental Matters, an online magazine which focuses on mental health in Scotland.

The British Lung Foundation offer advice and resources on suffering from depression and anxiety when you have COPD.


Action for Happiness want to create a happier society for everyone.

Social Anxiety UK have a forum and chatrooms with people who are affected by the disorder.

Elefriends is a online support network for people with mental health issues run by one of the biggest mental health charities, Mind.

The National Self Harm Network is a very thorough place to start for someone who is worried about their self harming, or their friends or family.

Lifesigns is a user-led voluntary organisation which aims to guide and support self harm sufferers.

Harmless are a voluntary organisation aiming to help people who self harm in a variety of ways.

The Depression Alliance are a charity that offer a wide range of ways to help with depression, from large-scale campaigns to advice on how to talk to your doctor.

For clinicians

The Doctors Support Network is a free mental health self-help resource for doctors going through difficulty.

Useful tables for switching antidepressants and switching antipsychotics safely.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the place to go to if you’re interested in becoming a psychiatrist.

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