Other Writing

I sometimes write for The Lancet Psychiatry:

Leading Questions (book review) – July 2014

A compelling tale (book review) – September 2014

Graham Thornicroft (interview) – November 2014


I write lay reviews of scientific papers for The Mental Elf:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) enhances response to antidepressants: a rather flawed meta-analysis – July 2013

Can assessing and acting on quality of life scores improve patient satisfaction? New study concludes yes, but the results actually say no – September 2013 (with a letter published in the BJPsych here)

What impact do guidelines actually have on patient outcomes for people with schizophrenia? – March 2014

Ketamine for severe depression: what can we conclude from a small open label study? – April 2014

Psychotherapy trials should report the side effects of treatment – April 2014

Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia: a critique by Laws, Langford and Huda – November 2014


I have written for several media outlets on the NHS and the crisis of resources in mental health:

“Why mental health bed cuts make me ashamed to work for the NHS” – The Guardian, October 2013

“The chronic underfunding of mental health care is a stigma proving hard to reverse” – Community Care, November 2013

“Health is a right, not a reward for being born in the right place” – Open Democracy, December 2013

“Should you have to earn your right to use the NHS?” – Open Democracy, January 2014


I have composed Storifys of Maudsley debates and public opinions:

Maudsley Debate #48: Enabling or Labelling? – June 2013

Maudsley Debate #50: CBT for psychosis has been oversold – April 2014

“What advice would you give a new psychiatrist? Twitter gives a consensus” – September 2013


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