About me

I’m a psychiatry trainee based in South East London. Before I went into psychiatry, I was a general medical doctor for a few years, and I also have a BSc in psychology.

The aim of this blog is to do what patients need psychiatrists to do more than anything: to listen and to help them understand. I hope to be blogging on a range of topics, but most importantly on topics that patients and the public could do with knowing more about. If you can think of a mental health issue that  needs to be explained better in simple terms, just let me know.

I’m particularly interested in improving the public face of psychiatry, evidence based medicine, teaching and patient rights.

Don’t mention cricket unless you’ve got the next fortnight free to discuss it.

I’m on Twitter: @psychiatrySHO



6 Responses to About me

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Alex … how do I get hold of you? I work for the BBC and wanted to talk to you about your Guardian piece. Thanks so much. Hannah

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  3. mirrorgirl says:

    Great to “meet” you. Here in Norway few psychiatrist blog, so I`m glad to see a blog from the doctor “side” also trying to help by writing about psychology and mental health!

  4. Elaine Reid says:

    Hi Alex, I thought you would like these quotes by William Osler:
    “It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease, than what sort of disease a patient has.”
    “The good physician treats the disease: the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”
    There are good and bad psychologists, psychiatrists. I have met both types.
    You will be one of the good ones…the best ones always listen, have empathy and don’t judge. The best one’s inspire confidence and trust, without which there can be no therapeutic relationship.
    I would be interested to know what you think of anti-psychiatry as you are a trainee psychiatrist, but also have a BSc in psychology. I have seen an article, I think it was in The Guardian, about psychologists versus psychiatrists. Surely, a combination of the best of both would bring about a more comprehensive mental health service, although there is probably not the funding or incentive for this to occur.
    I have experienced prejudice from GP’s, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists, but I have also experienced the opposite, a very kind and caring GP, and a lovely psychiatrist who listens to and really cares about his patients. There are good and bad in all walks of life, but I think you will be one of the good ones…

  5. Dear Alex
    Excellent blog and engaged tweeting
    You might find this interesting; not for the faint hearted-

    Is Bevan NHS under threat?
    one revolution will do, not more reforms


  6. Mark Leftly says:

    I work on the politics desk at the Independent on Sunday and wanted to have a quick chat about your petition. Could you email me your details at m.leftly@independent.co.uk , pls, and I’ll call you back.
    Kind regards,

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